Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions. If the answer you are looking for is not listed below, please contact us at hello@lotetreelearning.com and we will be happy to assist you!

Online Live Academy

What is the Online Live Academy?

Our live online academy is a full time program for grades 1 through 12. We teach through zoom sessions, online and live, increasing the interaction between students and between student and teacher.

At Lote Tree Learning we value both interaction between teacher and student and between students. So all of our online learning is through live interactions. Through this, we uphold our unique system of learning, called IDEALS. (Learn more about our IDEALS approach here.)

Live online interactions have many benefits. We have listed some of them:

  • Communication is direct

  • Motivation increases

  • Engagement through discussion

  • Increased learning through reflection

All of these result in more effective learning.

What is your program?

We teach all core curriculum courses, according to the American curriculum. In addition, we also teach Deen and Arabic. We integrate the Islamic topics throughout our school days, especially through social studies and science. We have a unique approach to teaching called IDEALS. All subject materials are aligned to the Common Core Standards of the USA. The materials for Social Studies grades 1-8 and Science for grades 1-4 are designed by Lote Tree Learning to integrate the Islamic topics into the contents. We also place importance on skills training and independent learning, because we believe this fosters life-long learning. All of our programs integrate life skills and independent study skills. For high school (grades 9 through 12), we follow the American system with 26 credit points for graduation. Students will take the core subjects and several electives, of which one is the Arabic language.

Who is your program for?

We teach grades 1 through 12. A good command of the English language is a requirement.

What is IDEALS?

IDEALS is a unique approach to teaching, combining several methodologies into one. You can learn more about IDEALS on our website: www.lotetreelearning.com/ideals

Why choose online learning?

There are several advantages of online learning. One of the advantages of online learning is the possibility to incorporate multimedia resources for students to make the online environment even more enagaging.

Other advantages include:

  • Comfort: student learn in the comfort of their own home.

  • Flexibility: students may find that studying online reduces the time spent on learning

  • Less distraction: some students find there is less distraction when learning from home.

On the other hand, online learning has its limitations. For one, there is less face-to-face interaction with students and between students. Unfortunately (or maybe not) there is as of yet no technology that lets teachers reach through the screens to help a student stay focused and engaged. So when a student signs off, they are out of reach of the teacher. Other limitations are the cooperation between students and achievement as a group, and the availability of resources students can access directly.

We have looked at these limitations and created our online learning to overcome these limitations. No, we did not invent a new technology that lets teachers reach through the screens... But we did craft a specific form of teaching online that increases student-teacher interaction as well as student-student interaction, whatever form of online learning your child enrolls in.

Are your teachers certified?

All of our teachers are hand selected and trained by us. They have undergone training in Positive Discipline, Applied Behavioral Analyses, Online Teaching Skills, Classroom Management, Learning Engagement and more. On a regular bases, training is refreshed. We also offer ongoing training for professional development. All of our teachers speak English fluently.

How does your daily schedule look like?

Our students attend their live daily sessions from Sunday to Thursday (Middle and High schoolers have school Sunday through Wednesday), from 8:30 am. Officially, the day ends at 2:30 pm, but if students have completed their tasks for the day, they are free to sign off. Usually, there is no homework after their school sessions, leaving them with more time to explore and excel in their unique talents.

How does your high school program look like?

We follow the American system with 26 credit points for graduation. Students will take the core subjects and several electives, which includes Arabic. We offer several electives such as (but not limited to): Astronomy, Environmental Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Logic and more.

Are you accredited?

Unfortunately, no. All of our programs and teaching is up to the standards of the accreditation bodies, but achieving the accreditation is a costly procedure for middle sized institutes. However, we have affiliated ourselves with a community school in Florida, USA in order to provide parents the option of an accredited certification from the USA.

Can my child join the academy if his/her English is not up to level?

This will be very difficult as all books and instructions are in English (except for the subject Arabic). Specifically for older kids, it would be a big struggle for them to work independently on subjects if they are struggling to read and comprehend English.

How do I get the materials my child needs for school?

If you live locally (Egypt), you can pick up the books needed. If not, we send you the books needed, but shipping costs are not included in the fees.

Can I have a refund?

The deposit is non-refundable. We can refund the school fees (excluding the deposit) if you change your mind two weeks before school (or the term) starts.

What is the Part Time Live Online Academy?

For homeschoolers who love homeschooling but just not every single subject, we offer part time enrollment into our Live Online Academy. Students can enroll for a single subject, or two or three, or more... A Part Time student will join the live online session according to his/her day and time, where he/she will work with the teacher on their subject.

What is the difference between major and minor courses?

Major courses are subjects that are taught minimal 3 times per week. These include Mathematics, all Language Arts topics and Science. Minor courses are taught minimal twice per week. These include Social Studies, Deen and Arabic.

Homeschooling Support Packages

What are Homeschooling Support Packages?

Homeschool support packages are a form of support for the homeschooling parent. We assist you in your homeschooling curriculum, and assign a teacher to your child for the year. This teacher will prepare schedules, follow up with the student’s progress and is available for a consultation to discuss challenges and solutions. As a parent, you will teach your child, but with the support of an experienced and professional teacher. We have got your back!

What is the difference between monthly and biweekly?

The difference between the two packages, monthly and biweekly, is the frequency with which the parent will send in samples of the student’s work and the conference between parent and teacher. In the monthly package, the parent will send a sample of the month’s work to the teacher, who will monitor for progression, benchmarks and suggest tweaks to maximize your child’s learning. The teacher will be available for an hour consultation every month. In the biweekly package, the teacher does the same but every two weeks. For high school students, we suggest the biweekly package to keep up with the progress of all courses.