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Admissions Procedure

If you want to find out if the Online Academy is a good fit for you, apply for our online live academy, whether as a full time or a part time student, please fill out the Application Form. Once you have submitted this form, you will be asked to pick a time for an appointment for an interview with our admissions specialist. When you fill out this form make sure you fill it in completely, because incomplete forms will not be taken into consideration. Do not wait too long to fill in the application form because we have only limited places available!


Requirements to attend our program are few, as we have the ability to work in an individualized manner with students. However, proper grasp of the English language is a must. All of our programs are in English so when a student would not have the ability to understand the texts or explanations, it will be nearly impossible for students to attend the classes. 

A second requirement for eligibility is the presence of a parent during school hours. The parent is not required to do anything, but in order to offer a student the maximum benefits of our program, he/she needs to be able to log in and be present. The parent is required to assure the student will attend the classes and hand in the assignments. 

A third requirement is the availability of sufficient technology. Every student needs a latop, computer or tablet to log in from. Such a device is required to have a working camera and microphone. In addition, the student needs to be able to have a properly working internet connection.