Our Story

Our Mission

We have made quite the journey over the years, and our team has grown substantially!

We are very proud of the entire team and what we have accomplished!

Lote Tree Learning is born out of the idea that education can be different, better and fun. Once children enjoy the learning process, they will absorb new information as sponges. With so many different educational philosophies we felt it is time for one all-inclusive solution.

Being passionate about instilling a love for the deen in children, we created a curriculum that integrates an Islamic Lens in every subject, creating the ability for Islam to become a way of life, rather than a single subject studied at school.

Our curriculum provides parents and teachers with comprehensive materials, taking the stress out of homeschooling and teaching, allowing both parents and teachers to do what they do best: guide and form young minds to become the best they can be.

Our unique approach to learning is summed up in the acronym IDEALS which covers several methodologies and skills we believe should be covered in all educational programs whether for primary students or adults. IDEALS stands for Inquiry Based Learning, Differentiated Learning, Experiential learning, Aptitude Training, Lens of Islam, and Social-Emotional Learning.

Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is to guide a generation to become leaders with an all-round education, that connects children with their Creator and allows them to view the world from an Islamic perspective without sacrificing academic quality of education.

Lote Tree Learning is intended to be a learning hub for all types of education that facilitates the role our deen was always supposed to play: it is our purpose, our passion and our way of life.


Lote Tree Learning is proud to have been a part of the learning journey of dozens of students and their families, serving their educational needs. We continue to strive to improve and tailor educational content to the different requirements of the increasing number of members of our Lote Tree community.

We have been able to customize programs for several educational institutes, such as DEFINE 360, Yaqeen, Arees Institute and Muslim American Society, Houston Chapter.

Sumaia b. Michel

Sumaia b Michel is founder and co-owner of Lote Tree Learning. After obtaining a Master of Science degree in Medical Anthropology from the University of Amsterdam and an Associate Degree in Medicine from the Free University Amsterdam, Sumaia traveled around before settling in Houston, Texas. There she obtained a Bachelor Degree of Science in Islamic Studies from Arees University, while working as a teacher in an Islamic school. Additionally, she worked on youth afterschool programs for Muslim American Society (MAS) and developed an online university platform for Arees University, before becoming lead content developer for DEFINE 360 in Dallas, Texas. It was in Houston that she embarked upon her homeschooling journey with, at that time, her daughter. This grew over the next decade into homeschooling 6 children!

Having developed several educational programs, she proceeded to become a Homeschooling consultant after moving to Cairo, to assist the growing homeschooling community in Egypt. Eventually, this led her to found Lote Tree Learning Center, a hub for all things educational, with the main focus on developing engaging educational programs for the young and adult alike, homeschooler or not.

Besides developing educational programs, she is an avid recreational diver, combining both passions into founding GoGirlDiving, which organizes diving trips for youth and ladies. In her free time she loves reading books and continues to pursue Islamic Studies with Azhary scholars in Egypt.

Sara Magdy

Sara Magdy, co-owner of Lote Tree Learning, obtained her Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Kuwait University, before moving to Egypt where she taught at the Faculty of Media Engineering and Technology at the German University. Being a skillful researcher, she developed educational programs for primary students, after school programs, and a Character Coach Certification Course for DEFINE 360 in Dallas, Texas. This brought out her talent for creating customized educational content, in which she continued excelling at Lote Tree Learning Center. Rallying others, she founded a charity organization to bring relief to the poorer areas in Greater Cairo. Having a passion for books, Sara spends most of her free time reading and studying the deen with Azhary scholars in Egypt.