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Welcome to Lote Tree Learning! 

We develop engaging Islamically infused educational content, for all ages. 

The Prophet ﷺ said: "ًإنِّمَا بُعِثْتُ مُعَلِّما"  

"Verily, I was only sent as a teacher"

And in this spirit, we created Lote Tree Learning. 

We have several departments: 

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Our unique Approach 

We believe teaching can be done differently. Learning should be fun and interactive. Once students engage, learning happens almost naturally. Therefore we felt it was time for an inclusive appraoch to teaching. All of our educators at Lote Tree Learning are training in our teaching approach.  

Our unique approach to learning is summed up in the acronym IDEALS which covers several methodologies and skills we believe should be covered in all educational programs whether for primary students or adults. IDEALS stands for Inquiry Based Learning, Differentiated Learning, Experiential learning, Aptitude Training, Lens of Islam, and Social-Emotional Learning.

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Who is behind Lote Tree Learning?

The founder of Lote Tree Learning is Sumaia b. Michel. Sumaia has not only several degrees, but also experience as a teacher and has been homeschooling 6 kids for over a decade! She puts all of these combined and more into Lote Tree Learning. It was the qadr of Allah (swt) that has brought Sara on her path and to their delight, they shared the same dreams of creating an educational environment that fosters Islamic character as well as infused learning with fun and creativity.

Together they are rallying a steadily growing team of passionate teachers and educators around Lote Tree Learning, chaired by Karim Zaben, allowing for constant improvement and development of new programs. 

Learn all about the people behind Lote Tree Learning and why we started Lote Tree in the first place. 

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Our Departments

Lote Tree Academy

Our Academy department includes the onsite center, the online school and the different workshops such as Training (for parents and teachers), Homeschooling (for beginners as well as veterans) and Coaching (individually as well as in groups)

Lote Tree Solutions

The Solutions department creates curriculums, according to our signatrure approach. We offer several history curriculums for homeschoolers, as well as customized curriculums for your school, institute or company.

Lote Tree Center

The Lote Tree Learning Center is created to provide a space where children can learn and grow, within the context of Islam, in a manner that builds their confidence and identity. A place where they can become the leaders of tomorrow, with an all-round education, without sacrificing academic quality of education. 

Lote Tree Publisher

The Publishing department is responsible for the printing of all of our educational materials. In addition, we assist Islamic scholars in publishing and distributing their books with stunning designs.