High School Tracks

High School Tracks

We have completely revamped our High School program. For this American based program, students follow two foundational years in grades 9 and 10 (Junior High School years). For the Senior years, grades 11 and 12, students can continue on the standard program to graduate High School with 26 credit hours, or choose one of the tracks. 

See the Foundation Years (Junior years) in detail.

See the standard track General Academic Strand (GAS) in detail 

For senior students (grades 11 and 12) who know what direction they wish to go in university, we offer 3 different tracks to choose from. Each track comes up to the same amount of high school credit as the general program but focuses on specific areas of interest.


The 3 Senior High School tracks are:

Track 1: Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)

Track 2: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) 

Track 3: Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) 

Track 1: Humanities & Social Sciences


Humanities and Social Sciences is for students who are interested in the field of Communication, Education and Sociology. Courses students will take include Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology and Anthropology. 

See the HUMSS track in detail. 

Track 2: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics prepares the students in the fields of technology and engineering. This track focuses heavily on sciences and mathematics, with 5 subjects on science and comprehensive Mathematics, including Calculus.

See the STEM track in detail. 


Track 3: Accountancy, Business & Management


Accountancy, Business & Management allows students to prepare for careers in bookkeeping, financial analyses, business and marketing. Courses in this track include Accountancy, Micro-economics, Macro-economics, Business and Marketing. 

See the ABM track in detail.