Homeschool Support

We get it, homeschooling can be tough sometimes. Where do you start? And if you know where to start, what if your child simply does not get it? What if you run into problems? These are some of the questions you may ask yourself.

Do not worry; we got you! You can do it, and we can help!

We offer homeschooling support in the form of support packages, coaching and workshops. If you are looking to increase your homeschooling skils or are in need of some individualized support, you have come to the right place!

Homeschool Support Packages

Homeschooling can feel like a daunting journey sometimes, especially when your kids become a bit older. We offer a fully supported homeschooling package: you do it, and we are there to back you up!

How does it work?

We will give you a list of what and where to purchase, and the books are delivered directly to you. We will give you the schedules, benchmarks, tracking forms etc to confidently start your homeschooling. On a bi-weekly or monthly schedule you will have a live meeting with a trained homeschooling teacher/specialist. She will look over your child's work and progress, notice any issues, and be there to discuss any problems you face and develop strategies with you to overcome any challenges. You will have a team of specialists to back you up!


We all need a little bit of help now and then.

Whether you need a lot or only a little bit of help with setting up or running your homeschool, we are here for you.

We offer group as well as one-on-one coaching sessions for homeschooling with Sumaia b. Michel, Drs. who has over 10 years of experience in homeschooling, coaching and curriculum development.

Please contact us for more details.


Whether you are a newbie at homescholling or a veteran that would like to increase in skills, we got you covered!

Our workshops offer a range of topics for homeschoolers. Here are some of our workshops:


Our Jumpstart! workshop is to get you off to a good start.

Creating an Islamic Learning Environment

This workshop looks into smart homeschooling and broadening your child's skills.


Our Papertrail workshop helps you organize and streamline your homeschooling paperwork in order to keep good records and portfolios for your child.