Welcome to Lote Tree Roots!

Roots is founded by scholars and teachers from Azhar and features courses taught according to the Azhari methodology. Except for a few, most courses are taught in Arabic, but we are working on creating more courses in English. Some courses are live and others are self-paced with recordings.

We also offer tracks for students to follow. A track is a set of courses designed to be followed in order, so the student can structure their study. Courses within a track can also be taken as a stand alone course.

The Tuhaftul Salikeen track is based upon the book Tuhfat as-Salikeen min Ihya Uloom el-Din written by Shaykh Marwan El Kateb and Shaykh Abdurahman Sha'ar, both teaching courses in Roots.

The book is split up into quarters: Worship, Habits, Destructive Traits and Praiseworthy Traits. Each quarter will have several courses to cover the content. The first courses offered are from the quarter Worship: Aqeedah 101: Tuhfatul Salikeen and Fiqh 101 Fasting: Tuhfatul Salikeen. If you are interested in the track, look for courses that have Tuhfatul Salikeen in the course name. Look HERE for an overview of all courses in the track.

Click on each course below to learn more about the course and to enroll in it, or go to our Roots Academy page and see the courses currently being taught.

For information on scholarships, please see below.

Our Courses

Tassawuf 101

Hanafi Fiqh 101

Essentials Aqeedah 100

Essentials Fiqh 100

Maliki Fiqh 101

Shafi' Fiqh 101

Maliki Fiqh 101

Shafi' Fiqh 101

Our Instructors

Dr. Jamal Farouq el Daqaq


Shaykh Karim El Zaben

Shaykh Marwan elKateb

Shaykh Abdelrahman Sha'ar

Shaykh Muhammad al-Muhammady

Shaykh Naji Rashwan